The School

ScegliGesù School (ChooseJesus School) is a missionary school that prepares young people for missions and evangelizations.  The School trains its students to 360° . We  work on biblical knowledge, spiritual life, social skills and the character of the students, which we think is essential for whoever wants to serve God’s Kingdom.

The scholar year lasts eleven months from october to august.

The School, a life and action school that lasts maximum 3 years, but you can subscribe only for one year too.

Organization of the scholar year:

  • 1°year – lessons + evangelizations + yellow tour
  • 2°year – lessons + evangelizations + mission + yellow tour
  • 3°year – evangelizations + missions + yellow tour with responsibility in the various areas and social work in the structure

The educational offering of the School lessons includes:

  • evangelization lessons;
  • social work lessons;
  • mission lessons;
  • bible school and sabaoth academy lessons;
  • school of prayer;
  • theatre lessons;
  • dance lessons;
  • circus, juggling and fire lessons;
  • education and behaviour lessons;
  • first level language lessons: English.

The building of the School

The Scegli Gesù School (Choose Jesus School) is in San Giuliano Milanese, a city close to Milan. In this area you can find department stores and it’s very close to the train station.

The school is a house with four floors, with a garage, a garden and a vegetable garden.  On level -1 there is a very spacious tavern,  with a kitchen, with a large wood-burning oven and a fireplace, there is meeting room too. On the ground floor there are the apartments of the pastor and some of the leaders. On the first floor and second floor live students of the school together with some of the leaders. Here are several bedrooms, three bathrooms, two large balconies a library area and the classroom for the lessons. The School is a welcoming, bright, clean and simple place where you can feel at home.