Who we are

Our ScegliGesù (ChooseJesus) ministries was born from the desire of pastor Roselen’s desire to bring a simple and direct message to Italy and the other nations. The name we have chosen “ScegliGesù”, is straight forward and means: choose Jesus. 


The leadership

The ScegliGesù ministries is directed by pastors Giuseppe Giannone and Gènesis Mejia, a couple with two wonderful baby girls Luz and Rebecca. They have chosen to fully commit their lifes to Jesus and to people, especially to the young people who decide to go through this training.

A staff of supervisors works together with the pastors to take care of every area of the School.

Every staff member and every person who works with us has a specific task. Everyone uses his talent and gifts to serve  God.

The pastors, the leadership and the other members of the ScegliGesù ministries organize evangelizations and other events.

Praying, sharing and studying the Word of God are the bases of our ministries.


The symbol that characterizes us is a figure of a man who prays together with the writing “ScegliGesù” (Choose Jesus).

Since 2008 we started to be known in Milan because of our stickers and our parades in the city centre with evangelistic leaflets. These were all strategies we used to share Jesus and to talk about how He changed our lives and can change the lives of other people.

In the city we stated to be recognized as the “ ScegliGesù guys”. From that moment on the name and the ScegliGesù (Choose Jesus) logo are used to spread our evangelistic ministries in Italy and abroad.

A life 100% JESUS!